Poker hand rankings follow the likelihood that a player will get them. Rating equivalent poker hands are done according to which player gets cards that of the highest value. This is known as the stronger hand. To learn all about poker hands, you can use a mnemonic, which is a memory device. It is very vital to memorise the poker hands rankings since you might lose your stake if you ask about it during a game. Whether you are playing online poker or in a casino, you should understand what it entails.

The poker hands value depend on how common they can be dealt to you. The most common hands are valued lower than those that are rare. Below is a list of poker hands. Starting with the best.

Royal flush

This is the best hand in poker and it consists of an ace-high straight flush, a ‘straight’ meaning the cards are all of different value but in sequence, and “flush” that they are all in the same suit. “Royal” comes from the fact that it includes all of the deck’s royal family; the jack, queen and the king the same suit. 10-J-Q-K-A in other words, which is the increasing order of value of the non-numbered cards.

Straight flush

These are five cards in a sequence and of the same suit. A good example is 6-5-4-3-2 all of clubs.

Four of a kind

These are also known as quads, and they are four cards of the same value.

Full house

A full house consists of three cards of the same value and a pair of another. For example, 10-10-10- 9- 9.


This is a collection of five cards that are of the same suit. For example, J-Q-5-7-3 all of the spades.


These are five cards that are in a sequence but not of the same suit. In every possible suit, there will be either a 5 or 10. For example, 6-5-4-3-2 all of the distinct suits.

Three of a kind

These are three cards that have the same value such as three jacks. In games such as Texas Hold’em it is possible for two players to have the same three of a kind combination, then the highest fourth card will decide the winner, and if that also is the same, the fifth. An identical hand will lead to a split pot. This rule that high card, or kicker as they are also called, decides who wins applies to all hands found below. Suits are in most poker variants not ranged.

Two pairs

This is a pair of cards with one value and another with a different one. For example, two 6s and a pair of jacks.


These are two cards with a similar rank like two aces.

High card

Here, the hand that holds the highest card wins. In case there are two players holding the highest cards, a kicker is usually introduced into play.

There some basic things you should always remember when playing poker, including:

  • Take Note of Poker Hands that are the Lowest-Ranking
  • 0: High card. You hold zero pairs. Your hand’s value is contingent on your highest card. Always keep in mind that, in poker, the lowest is 2 while the opposite is true for an ace.
  • Poker players understand that it is all about making the best five-card hand. This can be made from the 7 cards that are usually available. What it means is that if there is a tie in any given hand, a side card, also referred to as kicker, comes in to play to determine who gets to win the pot. However, in an event where the kicker is unable to decide the winner, the two players will be forced to share the pot.

Basic Poker Strategy

Understanding the online poker strategy rules is one thing; the other involves actually winning the game. These are basic tips for a beginner.

Only play 18-20% of your hands while at a standard nine-handed table. It is common knowledge that your intention is to play good hands as a beginner. So, what are these good hands? You can begin with T-T, 9-9, Q-Q, J-J, A-Q, A-K, A-A and A-J. However, if you are playing against less than 8 opponents, you might opt to loosen the range.

Avoid Calling Too Often

Calling is a poker beginner’s preferred plays. It is understandable as they don’t know for sure what they have and its worth. They would rather call than bet and risk losing even more. However, in poker, betting is always stronger than calling. This is because it is possible to win a pot without disclosing your cards through betting. The same cannot be said for calling.

Do not be embarrassed to lose a Hand

Poker can make veterans look stupid since that is its nature. It is possible you will be caught with what is considered the worst hand. This will make you lose big pots and misplay your hand. However, do not let that pull you down; keep playing and work on your game. Although it might seem like nothing is getting better, things will eventually improve.

Refrain from Getting Attached to Good Hands

Pocket kings and queens are usually very strong hands. However, the truth is that an ace on the flop can bring your downfall if you have been holding them. Although an ace on the flop doesn’t always mean the end to queens and kings, always be cautious. This ties in to giving a free card and protecting your hand by raising. Also, if you see many cards of the same suit on the board or a lot of sequential connecting denominations, be extra careful regardless of your pocket hand.